Semi-Dry Transfer Apparatus Reccomendations

Toumy Guettouche tguettou at
Tue Mar 11 10:03:36 EST 1997

On Mon, 10 Mar 1997, eric anderson wrote:

> our 8 year old Sartorius Semi-Dry Western Transfer apparatus is falling
> apart (cracked, pitted and bumpy graphite blocks) and we need to replace
> it.  unfortunately, Sartorius doesn't make them anymore and nobody else in
> our department uses the semi-dry systems.  so i'm looking for
> reccomendations from the group.
> so far we're considering:
> Owl:  Panther HEP-1
> Bio-Rad:  Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell
> Pharmacia/Hoefer:  TE 70 SemiPhor Transfer Units
> They are all in the same general price range so i'm more looking for
> personal reccomendations than price considerations.
> thank you,
> eric
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Hi eric,
we are currently using Pharmacia Novablot and Pharmacia/Hoefer TE77. Both 
work well, but the latter one has the big advantage of using coated 
platinum plates. They are far longer lasting than graphite. I would 
recommend to stay away from graphite plates since their life time is very 
The TE77 and I think also the TE70 uses  a gas trap, which means less 
problems with bubbles during transfer (although I find this a minor problem).

Hope that helps


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