Semi-Dry Transfer Apparatus Reccomendations

Ron Tate rtate at
Tue Mar 11 09:57:00 EST 1997

eric anderson wrote:
> our 8 year old Sartorius Semi-Dry Western Transfer apparatus is falling
> apart (cracked, pitted and bumpy graphite blocks) and we need to replace
> it.  unfortunately, Sartorius doesn't make them anymore and nobody else in
> our department uses the semi-dry systems.  so i'm looking for
> reccomendations from the group.
> so far we're considering:
> Owl:  Panther HEP-1
> Bio-Rad:  Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell
> Pharmacia/Hoefer:  TE 70 SemiPhor Transfer Units
> They are all in the same general price range so i'm more looking for
> personal reccomendations than price considerations.
> thank you,
> eric
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I have not used the Owl or Pharmacia units but I have used the Bio-Rad
SD and I like it, it is pretty simple to use and really the only thing
you have to pay particular attention to is assembling the sandwich in
the correct order, but that is probably true of all of them.  I even use
it in a run, stop and check the progress, then continue if needed mode
and it is pretty forgiving.
Hope it helps and happy hunting. 
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