Lipofectin mediated delivery of oligo

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Mar 11 09:25:31 EST 1997

>I have used lipofectin to deliver oligo to a lymphoma cell. when I 
>incubated 30 microlitre of lipofectin with 7 microgram of oligo (final 
>conc: 1 micromolar) in 200 microlitre of DMEM (Gibco). After addition of 
>cell, the volume is made up to 1 ml. Upon incubation of oligo with lipid, 
>a coarse ppt  formed. Under microscope, the ppt seems to be very large. 
>I cannot figure out what happens. The DNA and lipid conc do not exceed 
>what are stated in protocols supplied by the vendor. Any help is 
>appreciated. Thanks   

Coarse ppts. are often seen in lipofections. You didn't mention what you're
doing with this oligo, but I'd recommend titrating the lipid and oligo for
your particular task. If those ppts are *really* offensive, you might consider
what contaminants (ie [salt], etc) are in your oligo. Best of luck!

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