EtBr staining of DNA

Ed Rybicki ed at
Tue Mar 11 15:06:31 EST 1997

LouPass wrote:
> I agree with Marieke.  I just add a little (1 ul of 10 mg/ml soln of EtBr)> to a 75 ml gel and run it as normal.  I have had great success with this> even with very quick and dirty preps.

You need to use no more than 50 ng/ml in gel and buffer: plenty
sensitive, and allows LOOOONG exposures of gel under 254 nm light
without background problems.  Even 1ul of 10mg/ml gives you +/- 125
ng/ml...!  I used to use a 1/2000 dilution from a 10mg/ml stock as my
standard, and add 10ul per ml of gel / buffer.  Much more accurate and

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