Plant tissue PCR

Volker Knoop volker.knoop at
Tue Mar 11 12:10:16 EST 1997

Brett Beitzel wrote:
> I am going to be trying PCR on various plant tissues, and am wondering if
> there is any easy way to prep plant material for PCR.  

No, probably not. It is fairly easy to get DNA (and RNA) that looks very
nice on agarose gels but when it comes to PCR it's a different story. We
routinely use CTAB lysis which works nicely and is simple and more
lately occasionally the Plant Dneasy kit from QiAGEN which has worked in
some cases where CTAB was insufficient.
PCR problems probably arise from all sorts of secondary metabolites in
plants. Things that help if you have problems in PCR are diluting the
DNA or adding skim milk powder (BLOTTO) solution.
Try the easy thing first - it all depends very much on the species
you're working with.


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