Comments on Novogen tagging systems

Mr. M.J. Lush mlush at
Wed Mar 12 11:19:26 EST 1997

	I'm prepairing to venture into the dark world of prokaryotic
protein expression.  I have decided to use Novogens pET vector
system(1) with a N-terminal His tag.  Since I've been told His tags
can be problem,  using a dual tagged vector (pET 28-33) would be a 
seem to be good idea...  Unfortunatly I've never heard of the 
other tags :-(

	Would anyone care to comment on the other avalable tags 
(T7.Tag, S.Tag and Trx.tag)?

FWIW the protein is a 30kDa domain from a larger esterase,  I'm leaving
about 60aa N-terminal sequence before the domain starts to give a 
bit of spacer between the tag and the protein.

(1)  On the sound principle that the bloke in the other lab is 
using it and I can go running to him if it starts acting up :-)




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