Amino Acids Stock Solutions

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Thu Mar 13 13:39:21 EST 1997

Hi Fellow Netters,

We currently use the following recipy for out AA stocks (I think as per the 
diffco manual). I am wondering if it would be a good idea to make a super mix 
stock with all the amino acids ie., 12g lysine+ 8g His+ 12 g leu + 8 g trp and 
then add 4 ml of the stock per l of media. Will there be a solubility problem 
or some sort of incompatibility among the AAs if I do this??

Any input will be much appreciated.

Thanx very much

Amino acids (store stocks at 4o after filter sterilising)

Amino           Amount added      AA  Stock solution
acid              per liter media             (per 400 ml)

L-lysine HCl            1 ml                               12 g
L-histidine HCl         1 ml                                8 g
L-leucine                 2 ml                                6 g
L-tryptophan            4 ml                                2 g

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