monocyte cell line for IP

Yasuhito Abe yasuhito at
Wed Mar 12 22:18:21 EST 1997

Dear Netters,

I am now doing research using immunoprecipitation of
surface labeled monocyte/macrophage cell lines.  I am
using U937 and THP-1 for this purpose, however, the non
specific reaction is too high and the specific one is 
too weak.  Could someone tell me any good cell lines
for this purpose or give me good protocol to get fine
bands using this kind of cells.  Human peripheral monocytes
would be best for my purpose, but thing is cell number.
Could someone give me a good idea to collect lots of monocytes?
I should use human cells because of my antibody.

Thank you for your attention.

Yasuhito Abe

The 2nd Dept of Surgery,
Ehime University School of Med
Shigenobu, Ehime 791-02

e-mail: yasuhito at

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