Tris-Tricine protocols

KLAUS LEHNERT mmm_klehnert at
Wed Mar 12 21:02:39 EST 1997

Hi netter's

does anyone out there have a good (and tried) protocol for 
Tris-Tricine Polyacrylamide gels?
I have tried the protocols in the "original" publication 
(Schaeger+Jagow 1987), I'm using high-quality reagents, but at 
the very best I'm getting very fuzzy bands, and even when I run 
the gel (in a BioRad Mini-ProteanII) for twice as long (i.e. 
duoble the time the bluemarker needs to run out), my smallest 
marker band (Aprotinin, 6.5kDa) is still in the upper half of 
the gel.

Any suggestions?


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