gel shift assay

Yvon CAVALOC cavaloc at
Thu Mar 13 05:02:16 EST 1997

>we have some problems with our gel shift assays because our >protein/RNA
>complex do not run on a native 5% polyacrylamide gel using TBE buffer >(pH7,6). Any suggestions for another gels system, etc.?
>Thanx in advance,
>                              Joey

Hi Joey,
could you please give some more informations concerning your problem,
e.g. what is the size of your protein, of your RNA probe and why do you
say that your complex does not run on a native gel. Do you think that
the complex does not enter in the gel and remains in the slot?? This
could be due to oligomerization of your protein if it is a recombinant
one. Therefore, what I did in this latter case is a native gel made of a
mix of polyacrylamide and agarose that allows bigger complexes to enter
in the gel.

let me know and good luck

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