ampicillin analog?

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Thu Mar 13 09:24:45 EST 1997

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>We're using an ampicillin based expression system but may be having 
>trouble with scale-up due to ampicillin depletion. My boss remembers 
>seeing an lactamase resistant analog of ampicillin compatable with 
>our AmpR vector. Can anyone provide a refference to such an 

I don't actually have a reference but...
	You are probably refering to carbenicillin which is chemically
more stable than ampicillin (?less protein reactive).  It is, of course,
*not* resistant to beta-lactamase (as otherwise it would kill ampR
bacteria) but lasts longer in agar plates and in liquid cultures.
The downside is that it is considerably more expensive than ampicillin.
	Another alternative is a mixture of ampicillin + methicillin.

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