Semi-Dry Transfer Apparatus Reccomendations

Ed Rybicki ed at
Fri Mar 14 14:04:28 EST 1997

William Coetzee wrote:
> eric anderson wrote:
> > our 8 year old Sartorius Semi-Dry Western Transfer apparatus is falling
> > apart ... so i'm looking for
> > reccomendations from the group.

> We have been using the OWL equivalent from FISHER - it works well and it
> is easy to use.
> William Coetzee

Make your OWN...!  We have used 1cm thick, 20x15 cm graphite blocks used
as brushes for electric motors, previously used in a Merck bottle on its
side, then in a plastic tray, now in a semi-customised array marketed by
an ex-MSc student* of ours.  Has been going for years; when the graphite
breaks up, buy more electrodes - cheap!!  See also

* = Omeg Scientific CC, Cape Town

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