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> >We're using an ampicillin based expression system but may be having 
> >trouble with scale-up due to ampicillin depletion. My boss remembers 
> >seeing an lactamase resistant analog of ampicillin compatable with 
> >our AmpR vector. Can anyone provide a refference to such an 
> >antibiotic?
> I don't actually have a reference but...
>         You are probably refering to carbenicillin which is chemically
> more stable than ampicillin (?less protein reactive).  It is, of course,
> *not* resistant to beta-lactamase (as otherwise it would kill ampR
> bacteria) but lasts longer in agar plates and in liquid cultures.
> The downside is that it is considerably more expensive than ampicillin.
>         Another alternative is a mixture of ampicillin + methicillin.
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the downside of Amp+Meth is that Methicillin is no longer available from
Sigma, Fluka or Calbiochem (all places where we have gotten it in the
past).  if anyone still knows of a source of Methicillin i'd love to hear
about it.  we've got 25g still but that won't last forever.


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