Centricon concentrator re-use

Anne E. Hall aehall at students.wisc.edu
Sun Mar 16 14:57:28 EST 1997

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> Hi,
>    Has anyone out there re-used disposable concentrators?  If so, how
> long do they keep, how are they cleaned, etc.  I have heard that they
> can be cleaned with EtOH.  Any comments or suggestions would be
> appreciated, as these are too expensive to throw away one per sample.
> Thanks in advance,
> Adam Keeton
> Molecular and Cellular Pathology
> University of Alabama at Birmingham

I have re-used the centricon 30's.  I don't know just how long you can
reuse them, but I have successfully re-used them up to four times.  In
between uses I store them with 70% EtOH and wrap them with parafilm and
keep them in the fridge. 
A. Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anne E. Hall
U.W. Madison
aehall at students.wisc.edu

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