NP-40 Life?

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That will depend on your contaminants! 
When using solns stored for a longer time, it's good to have a 
critical look on possible forms of extraterrestrial life (slimy 
streaks and so on) inside your bottle. In any case of doubt, throw 
the contents away and start over. If the content is precious, add a 
little to antibiotic free (cell) culture medium and incubate 
overnight. If there are some buggers inside, they will grow. 
Sometimes it may be good to aliquot your solns and/or freeze them 
down. If this is not possible, consider addition of preservatives as 
sodium azide, thimerosal, etc.

Good luck!


> >   What's a typical lifetime for a solution of 10% NP-40
> >   that's stored at 4 degrees?(the fridge)
> >
> IMHO that is stored for very long time.
> Alex
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