Whole genome amplification?

Yvon CAVALOC cavaloc at sun-recomgen.univ-rennes1.fr
Mon Mar 17 05:32:18 EST 1997

I am currently trying to amplify the whole human genome starting with
very low amounts of DNA (< 5pg) using a degenerate PCR strategy. Since I
cannot amplify more than 200 fold the genome, I would like to find
people experienced in this topic. Has anybody been able to obtain a
strong general amplification with a totally degenrated primer (N15, N10,
N6?) or is it better to use degenerated primer having fixed 5' sequence?
Thank you for help

Faculte de Medecine
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35043 RENNES cedex - France

cavaloc at sun-recomgen.univ-rennes1.fr

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