Library Construction Advice: Cosmid vs. Electroporation

Robert A. Schoenfeld schoenfeld at MSSCC.MED.UTAH.EDU
Mon Mar 17 16:47:13 EST 1997

Hi -
I want to build a genomic library from a limited amound of 30-50 kb 
starting material.  What are the pros and cons of the following 2 
a.  cosmids
b.  subcloning into a low copy vector and electroporating

I've been looking at Stratagene's SuperCos1 vector, which is supposed to 
hold 30-42 kb inserts.  Would I take a big hit in efficiency if I let the 
packaging mix do the size selection or would it be better to size 
fractionate my starting material beforehand?

Thanks in advance
Robert Schoenfeld
Univ. Utah

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