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     rollins.24 at postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu (Sean Rollins) wrote:

> I'm trying to synthesize 4 thio UTP and I'm losing my sample at the 
>4 thio UDP in 100ul and the phosphate is transfered.  This is brought up to 
>volume of 1:1 ethanol/acetone.  I've checked my reaction by HPLC and I'm 
>losing my sample at the precipitation step.  No details are given on this 
>precipitation step (time, temp and spin conditions).  If anyone has any >advice 1 or any 4 thio UTP for a possitive control it would be appreciated.

A while back, we found that we could get very small oligos to precipitate
if we simply put them in the -20C freezer for a couple of hours (of course,
after ethanol precipitation).  I'm not sure this is the answer to your problem, but perhaps it is worth consideration or a try.

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