Centricon concentrator re-use

Frances E. Chen fchen at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Tue Mar 18 15:19:19 EST 1997

In article <aehall-1603971357280001 at arabidopsis.botany.wisc.edu> aehall at students.wisc.edu (Anne E. Hall) writes:
>I have re-used the centricon 30's.  I don't know just how long you can
>reuse them, but I have successfully re-used them up to four times.  In
>between uses I store them with 70% EtOH and wrap them with parafilm and
>keep them in the fridge. 

That's interesting.  We have tried to store centripreps in water:EtOH and
then found that they no longer worked properly.  I figure the filter
material is the same in the centricons and centripreps.  We store ours in
water with a little sodium azide - seems to work fine.  

Frances Chen
Univ.CA at San Diego
fchen at jeeves.ucsd.edu

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