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>A colleague of mine is having problems running her
>protein gels.
>Although her 8% acrylamide sds gels dry down fine (normaly
>within 2-3hrs) her 10% gels are cracking on the gel dryer.
>She is pre-wetting her whatman and drying down at 80 degrees
>I seem to remember something about higher percentage gels
>requiring either soaking, or the addition, of gelatin but
>I am not sure...also I seem to recall the drying temperature
>may be important - I used to dry down at 65 degrees c.
>If anyone has any ideas we would be much obligued to hear
>from you!
>Thanks in advance...
>Gary Morley
>gmorley at
A quick Fix:
Shrink the gel before you dry it. You can do that by soaking it in around 
80% methanol for a few minutes (it could become cloudy). The time can be 
"mesured with a ruler" as the original paper on this method stated. Just make 
sure the width of the gel after soaking is equal to the summ of the widths of 
the pieces you get with a cracked gel.
I have lost this reference but if somebody knows it that would be helpful.
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