Seeking gyrA462 CcdR E coli mutant

Tue Mar 18 09:28:57 EST 1997

We have a DH2 strain, but it is not a gyrA- strain. We have
DH1, which carries gyrA96(NalR) and DH21 whic carries gyrA96 and
an F' carrying lacIQ and lacZp(L8), as well as DH20, which is
essentially the same, but its F' carries lacIQ only, not the
lacZ promoter mutation.  Do you need specifically the allele
gyrA462 for the CcdB resistance?
	I can see if I can find contat information on the
Phabagen Collection, if these strains are not satisfactory.
You might check in the World Federation for Culture colelctions
and and Microbial Germplasm Database. (You can use the links
under "Other Biology Servers" on my top page (
You may also want to check the ATCC, and Cold Spring Harbor, if it
is a Hanahan strain that you are looking for.

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