Immunoglobulin chimera between Heavy chain and protein

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>I am trying to fuse a protein I am interested in(everything is 
>interesting, n'est pas? ) onto the end of the Fc portion of IgG in
>hopes of expressing the chimera.  Is there a commerical vector
>available that I can use to insert my protein to replace the binding
>domain of the immunoglobulin chain with my protein product.

The pIG and Signal pIG vectors from R&D Systems Europe should do that
for you. These vectors contain the Fc region of a human IgG designed to
be fused to the 3' end of an inserted target gene, and can be used to
produce the recombinant protein in mammalian cell culture from a CMV
promoter. The vectors are also presently available from Novagen, Inc.
in the US. 

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