Sterilisation of Bead-coupled antibodies

Ole Diettrich odiettri at
Tue Mar 18 14:42:00 EST 1997

Dear Bionetters,
I want to use antibody covered acrylic resin beads in sterile cell 
culture. Autoclaving and filtering is not possible.
Could I simply add some Na-azide, incubate for hours, days, etc. and wash 
the beads subsequently with sterile medium? Or would there be still some 
nasty spores which ignored the azide and began to grow as soon as it is 
washed out?
If so, do you know of any other sterilisation method that wouldn't affect 
my antibodies but kill the germs?
Thanks in advance for any ideas,

Ole Diettrich
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Institute of Child Health
University College of London

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