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     mkoziel at WEST.BIDMC.HARVARD.EDU (margaret koziel MD) wrote:

>Does anyone have a good list of sites where one can search for a
>particular reagent - hopefully the information includes the product
>name, supplier, pricing.  I tried the Nature guide - you can find
>general product categories but not much else - and a guide called
>Andersons, but that was woefully incomplete - for example, a search
>under "RPMI" turned up only one source.  I just spent a very frustrating
>hour looking for a particular reagent.

You might want to try our Other Useful Sites: Commercial Resouces
web page at:


The top section is a list of many general locator services, with a focus
on biomedically-relevant items.  I wouldn't be surprized if you were
able to find what you're after fairly easily there.

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