HELP! sequencing gel problem

Klaus Salger salger at
Wed Mar 19 19:03:07 EST 1997

s.pritchard (mmd280 at wrote:
: Hello

: I have been running CA dinucleotide repeat PCR's on standard denaturing PA gels
: ( Standard sequencing gel with no formamide).The gels are 8% and run
: fine.However when I come to take them off the plates split normally but the gel
: will not stick to the filter paper even after fixing.I have been told that this
: can be a problem with really high % PA gels ,but I didnt think that 8% was all
: that high.Has anyone got any ideas as I keep losing my gels.I am trying 6% gels
: at the moment but for some of the CA repeats I am using I would prefer 8% or
: higher   
: thanks in advance

: Stuart Pritchard

: mmd280 at


wetting the gel surface before transfer to whatman paper should make things
easier with high percentage gels. If this doesn't help you could try to
siliconize BOTH plates. 

Hope this helps

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