Nylon Membrane Troubles

GriffCouch griffcouch at aol.com
Thu Mar 20 15:39:03 EST 1997

I am having a problem with DNA and RNA going THROUGH the nylon membrane I
am trying to transfer to. The nucleic acids are well above the 300 bp cut
off that the manufacturer recommends for the 0.45 pore size. I am awaiting
a shipment of 0.2 pore membrane to test it anyway. Can anyone suggest
anything else? All other conditions, solutions, etc., have remained the
same. I have tried both capillary and vacuum transfer.

Please either post suggestions here or e-mail them to:
mswright at nola.srrc.usda.gov. I am using my AOL account to post here
because I do not have newsgroup access through my account at work.

Maureen S. Wright, Ph.D.
US Dept. of Agriculture

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