Storing RNA in formamide: The Downside?

Chi-kuang Wen ckwen at
Thu Mar 20 14:30:16 EST 1997

I agree with the opinion on quantitation.
The problem is that if you use freshly de-ionized formamide as a 
solvent, you may read the OD when the blank ctrl also contains the
same conc of formamide.
HOwever, once the formamide has been stored in -20 or -70Cfor a while, the OD
reading becomes strange, even if the blank crtl contains formamide
I do not know if formamide becomes bad or whatever reason which causes
the strange reading.
Anyway, I have my RNA samples stored in formamide or water for over 3 years, and they are still good.

Chi-Kuang Wen

Botany & Plant Path
Purdue Univ

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