hot glass plates from acrylamide gels

Nick Jacobsen jacobsen at
Thu Mar 20 07:33:50 EST 1997

  This is not a problem that I have encountered and my lab has done an 
extremely large amount of hot microsatellite work. I presume you silane 
the plate you remove and you dont silane the plate the gel is left on 
which is what we do. Your bottom plate might need a clean? I always clean 
my non silaned plate with 10M NaOH, then distilled water then alcohol to 
get it really clean. Another point is the methanol/acetic acid fixing 
stage is a farce. It doesnt need to be done with the good quality 
acrylamide generally available these days. My lab does this work 
routinely and I dont think Ive ever seen a bottle of methanol around.

hope this helps


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