At 50% Commission....

Thu Mar 20 11:53:29 EST 1997

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Compare This Massive Payout With Any MLM on the Planet!

                30-55% Commission on your entire sales organization
                        Absolutely..Positively..No Exceptions!

                Price, Performance, and Pay Breakthough on
                        Market Driven Repeat Sale Products!
                                At 50% Commission....

                               4  Distributors = $100-$200
                             10  Distributors = $250-$500
                             25  Distributors = $625- $1,250
                           100  Distributors = $2,500 - $5,000
                           500  Distributors = $12,500- $25,000
                         1000  Distributors = $25,000 -$50,000

                      MONTHLY....IN YOUR POCKET!

This major new  **Physician Owned** company started in April of 1996
with the respected Jack Smith as Company Attorney. With
breakthrough products priced right,   it is BOTH product driven and
compensation plan  driven! It is designed so YOU can make real money!

NEVER BEFORE..has it been possible to make SO MUCH MONEY with so few
Distributors in your organization!

And, to top it all off, we can offer you FREE membership in our On
Line Support Group which will assist you in every way to be successful
in this program!

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