Olivier Gandrillon ogandril at
Fri Mar 21 10:15:13 EST 1997

A post-doctoral position is available immediately to work on the 
mechanisms controlling the commitment process at the molecular level. We 
are interested in:
	1) identifying the molecular targets responsible for the nuclear 
hormone receptor-controlled commitment step during chicken 
erythropoiesis and
	2) testing the function of the identified molecules. 
Those studies should also provide an essential insight in the 
functioning of nuclear oncogenes affecting this commitment process, like 
the v-erbA and the v-myb-ets oncogenes.

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in molecular 
biology. Experience in yeast double hybrid or differential display 
techniques will be a plus but is not a prerequisite. A strong interest 
in molecular differentiation is mandatory. 

The position is for one year. The applicant will be expected to apply 
for longer-terms funding.

To apply, please submit a full CV, details of relevant experience, and 
the name of two referees to Dr J. Samarut, Département de biologie, 
Ecole Normale supérieure de Lyon, 46, allée d'Italie, 69364 Lyon Cedex 
7, France. Tel: 04-72-72-81-71; Fax: 04-72-72-86-86; E-mail: 
Jacques.Samarut at

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