rRNA contamination of mRNA preps

Merrill Christensen christem at ACD1.BYU.EDU
Fri Mar 21 18:12:10 EST 1997


We have used Invitrogen's Fast Track kit and Promega's Poly A Tract 1000
to isolate mRNA directly from tissue. We obtain the yields and purities
the companies claim. While this mRNA has been good for Northerns, RT-PCR
with gene-specific primers, and even library construction, the level of
rRNA contamination appears to be too high for our current application.
Has anyone made a systematic comparison of mRNA isolation procedures -
commercially available kits or other products - to determine the method
that minimizes rRNA contamination? The recent article in BioConsumer
Reports compares several commercially available mRNA isolation kits, but
does not mention levels of rRNA in the finished mRNA preps. Thanks in
advance for any help or suggestions.

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