PAGE sticking to both plates during seperation

Eric W. Linton elinton at
Sat Mar 22 18:59:47 EST 1997

         We are pouring 6 and 8% PAGE using Sequagel, the long plate is
coated with acrylease to make it nonsticky and the short plate is coated
with methacylate to make it sticky. We have been using this procedure for
about two years, followed by fixation in 10% methanol-10% acetic acid. We
leave the gel on the short plate, no transfer to paper. Plates are washed
with sparkling, rinsed with ddH2O and buffed with acetone then 100%
         The Problem is that in the last few months the gels have been
sticking either completely or partially to the long gel, after drying the
fall off of the long gel. We have replaced all components with new stocks,
including a new set of plates, yet the gels still stick. We have also
tried using rainX on the long plate, this has worked for the 8% gels,
short runs, but not for the 6%, long running gels, though a naked long
plate seems to work.
         Question, any ideas why after two years our procedure is no longe
working? Has any one else resently had this type of problem? Any
suggestions appreciated.


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