Best way to search the 'net for reagents

Joan Boyce jboyce at BIOSUPPLYNET.COM
Sat Mar 22 21:20:38 EST 1997


Have you checked out the newly redesigned BioSupplyNet web site at

This is the on-line version of a print product directory entitled the
BioSupplyNet Source Book (formerly know as the Cold Spring Harbor Lab
Manual Source Book). The 1997 BioSupplyNet Source Book will be published in April of this year and is 
distributed free of charge - you can request a free copy at the web site.

The web site and Source Book contain 1900 product categories and their corresponding suppliers as well as 
contact info. ( address, phone, fax, e-mail and web address) for more than 2,700 suppliers. At this time 
neither the web site or Source Book contain pricing info., but the web site does list urls where you may be 
able to find company specific pricing.

The site is updated weekly and also includes information about new products and special offers from suppliers. 

Any suggestions for additional product categories  or suppliers to add to the biosupplynet database may be 
sent to info at

Hope this helps!

Joan Boyce
jboyce at

>Does anyone have a good list of sites where one can search for a
>particular reagent - hopefully the information includes the product
>name, supplier, pricing. I tried the Nature guide - you can find
>general product categories but not much else - and a guide called
>Andersons, but that was woefully incomplete - for example, a search
>under "RPMI" turned up only one source. I just spent a very frustrating
>hour looking for a particular reagent.


>Margaret Koziel

>PS Does anyone know of a source for LB media tablets - its a great
>product. Just throw some in water, autoclave, and you're set. Very
>convienent for lots of maxipreps.

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