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Enrique Toledo etoledo at AMAUTA.RCP.NET.PE
Sun Mar 23 00:58:28 EST 1997

I wonder if you could help me.
I need to make you some questions 

I'm having problems with understanding the results of the Kjeldhal method.
The Kjeldhal method is used to found total Nitrogen?
In organic fertilizer analysis  it mean  nitrates
ammonia and  organic nitrogen compounds ? I think so. Then
Why some labs make the Kjeldhal analysis and the ammonia analysis 
and sum the two results to get the total Nitrogen??
and why make a convertion to get the total protein ?
If i have an organic fertilizer that becomes from the urea
of the birds it's obvius that i'm not going to find protein in this kind of
excrement or not??

I hope you could help me if you have some comments or 
if yoo know some people that can answer my questions please
send to him my letter.

I will apreciate your help,
Best regards

Marcia Toledo


Marcia Toledo

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