Screening lambda gt11 library

Mauricio Neira cmneira at
Sun Mar 23 16:02:41 EST 1997


Are you wondering about sensitivity?, I screened a library once using
the chemoluminiscent system with HRP-labeled secondary antibodies,
You can use biotynilated as well.
I think you get  high sensitivity and you can also easily re-screen
your membranes.
Of course you have to coordinate adding the substrate solution and
wrapping the films, initially seems difficult, but actually not very


On 20 Mar 1997 20:48:51 GMT, TLANE at () wrote:

>I am interested in screening a lambda library with antibodies.  Rather than use
>an 125 Iodine labeled secondary (anti-rabbit), I was considering using 35s 
>labeled protein A.  Does anybody out there have any experience with this?  
>Is this a reasonable substitute for 125I? 
>                Todd Lane

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