phage titration

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Sat Mar 22 18:29:47 EST 1997

In article <1997Mar21.110148 at>, hrichter at writes:
> Need help on phage titration.
> When deluting a concentrated phage stock (Lambda gt11) containing a cDNA
> I get plaques at high titer when spredding over 1000 phages on a plate
> (plaques are touching each other) and at further delution I get no more
> plaques.
> Titration of an other phage (Lambda Gem) does not show any problem.
> Hope someone can help
> Sincerely Hannes

I did not have a problem in titrating lambda gt11. It helps growing
the phage in NZY media containing 10 mM Magnesium sulphate and 0.02%
maltose. If you detect plaques at high titer it should not be a
problem to dilute them in SM (check Maniatis).
My best advise is try again. Streak an amp plate with Y1090 bacteria
and grow them in the media I mentioned above.
Good luck!

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