Semi-Dry Contact Transfer Method

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Sun Mar 23 18:38:49 EST 1997

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Constable Julie Lynn wrote:

> Does anyone have a protocol for blotting DNA from an acrylamide gel onto a
> nylon membrane?  I seem to recall that it is a fairly simple procedure,
> like putting a moistened membrane on top of the gel with some weight on
> top.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Julie Constable
> Dept. of EPO Biology
> U. of Colorado, Boulder

...and then Michelle Gleeson (michelle.gleeson at wrote:

> The following reference should help you:
> Takeuchi, M and Fujisawa, H.  (1995) "Contact Transfer Method:  DNA
> transfer from polyacryalmide gel"  Analytical Biochemistry Vol 224 p
> 611-612    Good luck!

Well, I've just been looking into the semi-dry transfer protocols again and I
went to the library to read this paper. I have to say that I am very
disappointed in its presentation to say the least. I'm beginning to doubt the
protocol that they publish as being better than electro-blotting.

Unfortunately, there are no conditions given for the electro-transfer that they
did for comparison to the overnight contact method and they don't even give the
model or manufacturer of the unit used for this. In addition, for a one page
report there are significant errors. How can you mispell HpaII? It's not
HapII!  And 2xSSC does NOT stand for small cell carcinoma no matter how you
slice it! Oops! This paper left me wondering just who are the reviewers of
Analytical Biochemistry?  Maybe if someone with experience using this technique
can verify it is just great, then I'll believe it.

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