Help gels cracking

Ed Marsden ed.marsden at
Sat Mar 22 22:23:32 EST 1997

Pascal_Bochet wrote:
> In article <5glurs$opt at>, gmorley at
> says...
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> >A colleague of mine is having problems running her
> >protein gels.
> >Although her 8% acrylamide sds gels dry down fine (normaly
> >within 2-3hrs) her 10% gels are cracking on the gel dryer.
> >She is pre-wetting her whatman and drying down at 80 degrees
> >centigrade...
> >I seem to remember something about higher percentage gels
> >requiring either soaking, or the addition, of gelatin but
> >I am not sure...also I seem to recall the drying temperature
> >may be important - I used to dry down at 65 degrees c.
> >If anyone has any ideas we would be much obligued to hear
> >from you!
> >Thanks in advance...
> >Gary Morley
> >gmorley at
> >
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hi Gary. After transferring the gel to Whatman 3MM paper and misting with dH2O cover the gel with plastic wrap and smooth out the 
bubbles - trim to fit your dryer. You might try 30 minutes at 80 C for 
your percentage (even a bit longer) with a vacuum of 125 torr. If it 
still cracks, replace your TEMED with a fresh solution and use a little 

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