PAGE sticking to both plates during seperation

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>         We are pouring 6 and 8% PAGE using Sequagel, the long plate is
>coated with acrylease to make it nonsticky and the short plate is coated
>with methacylate to make it sticky. We have been using this procedure for
>about two years, ...
>The Problem is that in the last few months the gels have been
>sticking either completely or partially to the long gel, 


You don't say whether you have tried cleaning (stripping) the plates and 
then reapplying the silanes. The coatings you describe can build up and it
is necessary to clean the plates now and then. I have had the best luck 
with Bon-Ami cleanser. Other cleansers don't seem to work as well. Simply 
sprinkle some cleanser on the plates and lightly scrub them... be careful 
not to scratch the plates too much. Then reapply the acrylease and so on.

Good luck.


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