How to get rid of extra A added by Taq

Mauricio Neira cmneira at
Sun Mar 23 16:25:09 EST 1997

Maybe you want to listen a smart answer, as add this and you will
inhibit this specific activity of the enzyme...
I would not even try to GET RID OFF any extra As...but GET RID OFF
your boss who does not buy another enzyme for you!! :-)

Just black humor!,
On 22 Mar 1997 21:35:12 GMT, xsong at (Xinyu X Song) wrote:

>Hello friends,
>I am doing two steps PCR mutengenesis by using homemade Taq Polymerase. 
>Every time when I cloned my fragment and sequenced, I always found there 
>is an extra A mismatch in the sequences which is added from the first 
>step PCR  by Taq at 3' end of that strand. In my situation, there is no 
>other enzyme available. Could anyone give some suggestion to get rid of 
>this extra A in first step PCR? My e-mail is : xsong at help 
>will be really appreciated.
>Thank you in advance.
>Xinyu Song

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