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we have found that which transfection system you use is almost totally
dependent on the cell line.  for instance, when we transfect U937 (human
myeloid) by CaPO4, we get about 1% transfection, this jumps to about 2%
with lipofectin and rockets to 30-70% with electroporation.  by
comparison, Jurkett cells are about equivalent in their transfection
efficiency using either CaPO4 or electroporation.

if you're not getting good transfection with the method you're using now,
try the others (provided you can talk some manufacturer out of a sample of
lipofectin and you have access to an electroporator) and see which one
works best for you.  it's a pain but there are so many cell line specific
variables that you really need to try them all for yourself.

good luck,


> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone had any opinions regarding the efficency of 
> lipofectamine mediated transfection versus electroporation versus calcium 
> phosphate.
> I am using lipofectamine at the moment so if anyone has any suggestions 
> on increasing efficency. I'd appreciate those too. I'm using AKR-2B 
> cells, a mouse fibroblast line.
> Thanks,
> Tori

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