lactamase inhibitor?

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At 15:35 3/22/97 -0800, MR ROBERT G CHAPMAN wrote:
>Does anyone know of a lactamase inhibitor called augmentin? It 
>supposedly inhibits lactamase prolonging survival of ampicillin or 
>analogs in culture. 


Augmentin isn't a beta lacatamase inhibitor, per se.  Augmentin is
amoxicillin with (spelling aside) clavulinic acid added (whether it is a
second agent that is added or somehow linked to amoxicillin, I don't know).
 The clavulinic acid alters the pH of the microenvironment such that the
beta-lactamase is outside of its pH optimum - the lactamase is markedly
less effective and the bacteria are inhibited in their growth (happily so!)
by the amoxicillin.

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