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> Hi All, 
> Does anybody know if any of the phosphoimagers on the market can read
> chemilunimescence signal ?  If so, please post, or send me a mail.
> Thnaks in advance !!

There is a true phosphorimager (because it also images phosphorus) from
Bio Rad, which detects chemiluminescence with dedicated screens.
However, Boehringer has just started marketing a lumiimager, based on a 
CCD camera principle (not scanning as both Molecular
Dynamics and BioRad machines are) and  an F/0.9 lens, which takes a
picture of a luminescent object like a regular stationery camera.  In contrast,
MD imagers are based on direct chemifluorescence scanning principle, 
which requres conversion of chemiluminescence protocols into 
chemifluorescence ones.

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