dissolving of RNA

xudong huang xudong.huang at endo.mas.lu.se
Mon Mar 24 05:36:36 EST 1997

Hi, Frank:

It is the problem of over-drying. To avoid it, just pipette away
remaining ETOH drops as much as you can, air-dry the pellet 5-10 min at
room temperature until you can not see ETOH drops, then add DEPC water.
It should be dissolved. Hope it helps.


Frank Maiwald wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I have problems to dissolve RNA-pellets in DEPC-treated H2O. I deal with
> barley total RNA that was extracted with phenol and precipitated with
> acetic acid/ ethanol and with LiCl. Although I keep the samples at 65 C
> and increased the volume several times, the pellets do not dissolve (or
> very, very, very slowly).
> Does anybody have any tips how to overcome this problem?
> Thanks                                  Frank

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