Cheapest "clean" Taq polymerase?

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Tue Mar 25 07:04:05 EST 1997

I've noticed that Perkin is charging about double for its "AmpliTaq" 
relative to either Promega or Gibco (0.62US$/unit vs. 0.3/U). :) I 
obtained a Promega Taq from our on-site freezer program recently "dead 
in the water" (based on side by side comparisons). 

I've seen the Biotechniques article from 95 wherein the authors describe 
a primer pair for isolation of the polymerase gene from T. aquaticus, 
the sublconing into coli under an overexression promoter, and the 
purification of Taq in a single step from boiled coli lysate.

Anyone have an opinion on where to buy Taq? I'm quite interested that it 
be free of any ribosomal sequence contaminants, as I was aware of that 
being a problem for a colleauge working with environmental samples (who 
subsequently prepared his own "cleaner" Taq) :)

Anyone try a single-step boil prep of there own for less sensitive work?

Please E-mail me copies of any responses directly,

Thanks very much,

J. Graham PhD
Wahsington University of St. Louis

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