NEN renaissance kit

Ron Caspi rcaspi at
Tue Mar 25 16:23:15 EST 1997


We recently purchased a kit from NEN.  It is the fluorescein labeling
kit with antifluorescein-AP. The kit works great, and it sure is good
to avoid working with radio isotopes. We calculated that it will not
be more expensive than using radio isotopes as well!
But there is a catch...
The kit comes with enough reagents for 25 reactions,  and you can
reuse your probe many times, so theoretically you could use it for
even  more reactions than 25. But they only give you enough of the
antifluorscein-AP conjugate to process 25 x 100 cm2 of membranes. So
if you are using larger membranes, you would actually have much less
than 25 reactions (as is our case). And the price of extra conjugate
is almost the same as buying a new kit!

Here is my question: Does anyone know a way around it? can you buy
antifluorscein-AP conjugate from a third party, that is cheaper? Can
you save the spent anticonjugate dilution and reuse it? any insight
into this problem will be appreciated.
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