dissolving of RNA

xudong huang xudong.huang at endo.mas.lu.se
Tue Mar 25 07:03:41 EST 1997

Susan Hogarth wrote:
> David F. Spencer wrote:
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> > As to this (apparently popular) notion that you can overdry an RNA pellet, let
> > me state that this is pure hogwash.  If RNA is properly desalted then you can
> > dry it for a week and it will redissolve just fine.  Note that this is quite
> > different from the situation for larger quantities of even well washed high
> > molecular weight (greater than 20-30 kb) _DNA_.  In this case it is definitely
> > unwise to do more than a light drying if you wish to get the DNA
> > resolubilized in less than days or weeks.
> Again; why? Is it the residual salt?
> --
> Susan

The residual salt can be one reason for the insolubility of RNA.
However, it may not be the only one. If so, it would be difficult to
dissolve the DNA pellet as well. But even lyophilized DNA can be
dissolved easily. Therefore, I would guess that there are(is) some
RNA-specific reasons for it. Probably dried RNA is more hydrophobic than


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