heat-shock proteins cDNA and AB

stanislav kopriva kopriva at pfp.unibe.ch
Tue Mar 25 05:28:13 EST 1997

Dear netters

I have become in charge of practical training in plant stress physiology and
I want to introduce some molecular biology there. I thougt of showing the
induction of hsp synthesis would be a nice example of response to an
environmental stress. I know it is fairly easy to follow the hsp
accumulation by Western and Northern blotting, however I do not have the
necessary probes and/or antisera.
Could someone be so kind and send me an aliquot of antibodies against hsp60,
hsp70, or hsp21, preferably from plants, and/or the cDNA clones?.
Thank you very much in advance
Dr. Stanislav Kopriva
Pflanzenphysiologisches Institut
Altenbergrain 21
CH-3013 Bern 
Tel.: +41.31.631 4917
Fax.: +41.31.332 2059

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