[Q] DNA elution from agarose gel

Kim, Cheon s197156 at ccs.sogang.ac.kr
Tue Mar 25 10:50:48 EST 1997

Hi, everyone.

I've read the article about a protocol using a sirynge 
for DNA elution from agarose gel. The article (Jun 1996, 
bionet - methods & reagents)is below. 

> Need a syringe and either a .2 or .22 uM filter. Cut the band, place
> it in the syringe, attach the filter, squeeze gel and capture the 
> liquid. If desired, after initial squeeze: remove filter, pull piston 
> out of syringe, add 100-200 ul of TE on top of agarose plug, replace 
> filter and squeeze again. Ethanol precipitate and resusped in desired 
> volume. 

> 60-70% recovery. Fragments recovered have been succesfully used for
> labelling and ligation reactions.

> Reference: Biotechniques Vol 16, #3, pp. 400-401, 1994 

I have a question. Where is the step to remove EtBr?
Is there anyone who knows the way to remove EtBr after 
syringe filtration or other efficient DNA purification methods?

Thanks in advance...  

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