Running DNA on acrylamide gel

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Tue Mar 25 10:36:23 EST 1997

At 01:32 PM 3/24/97 -0800, Rani Maurice Geha wrote:
>Is anybody aware of an equation or any other method that determines to 
>DNA migration distance on acrylamide gel if all the parameters are 
>For example if you know the acrylamide:bisacrylamide ratio and 
>concentration, the amperage, the wattage, the voltage and the 
>temperature of the run, and you also know the size of the DNA fragment 
>and the running time. Can you calculate the distance migrated?
>Thanks in advance

Interesting proposition! Theoretically this may be achievable; but its use eludes me. Anyway, I would be interested to get this 'equation' too... even if it should only turn out to be one of those trivia, for even if everything were to remain constant (known), the temperature could hardly be assumed 'even' across the entire gel.

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